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How to Get More Music Exposure & Sales on Youtube

Hey Angela Carter here with earn money with Angela calm your music success coach and I wanted to wrap up this week this week all this week on this channel we’ve been talking about music marketing on a budget if you’ve missed out you want to make sure that you go back to the videos on this channel we talked about on Monday I believe how to get your music exposed in front of a thousand people for only $5 I did a video this week on how to promote your live local music shows on facebook for free and so we’re wrapping up today Friday it’s the

weekend we’re wrapping up with a video on how to actually use YouTube to get exposure for free but I’m also going to talk about two big mistakes that I see musicians make where they’re leaving money on the table okay so let’s talk about YouTube YouTube is a great way for you to get your music exposed and from a lot of people in fact I know that for me when I first got started online I’ve sold a little bit but my back my background one of the reasons why I’m passionate about helping musicians be able to learn and tap into marketing online is because I’ve sold stuff online before I’m kind of a unique I guess music marketer and the fact that I have had experience and marketing and selling stuff online and I’ve helped other people sell stuff online and one of the the major mediums that I used was video I’ve gotten over 10,000 views to some of my videos I think the the most viewed video I’ve ever done online has been now over 30,000 views so I know how to get exposure on YouTube and I know how to help other people get exposure on YouTube I’ve helped other people get thousands of views on their videos but not only get views and exposures but sell stuff online so one of the things that I see that a lot of musicians one of the mistakes that I see a lot of musicians make there’s two the first one I want to talk about is where

they’re not providing a link to their web where people can learn more too in their YouTube video description if you’ve ever got our YouTube look at right now I’m go to the video description of this video you’ll see my website and what I see is that musician either do one of two things they either don’t put their website there or secondly they put their website there but it’s not clickable meaning on YouTube you have to put the the full URL the full website address in that description to make it clickable and what you want to do is you want to make it easy for people to actually go to your website it’s much much easier to tell people hey just click on the link in the description box below to go to this website as opposed to saying here go to WWE you know earn money with Angela’s com it’s easy for people to just click on a link you want to make it easy for people to do the action that you want them to do if you want them to go to your website to buy your music make it easy you know reminded of my mentor and my leader she just made seventy thousand dollars last month let’s talk about that but anyway she was sharing this story about how when she first got started in her

business she was selling a book from a book that she had from a table at an event one of her friends invited her along to this event that he was doing he had a table at this event he said hey you know you can come along and sell your book at this event well anyway she sold this book at this event and this guy comes up to the table and he says I want to buy your book and she’s okay well you know it’s I forgot how much it was let’s just say $12 so it’s $12 and so he says well okay I have a current I have this credit card here you go and she said oh I’m sorry you know I was invited to this event at the last minute I don’t have a credit card processing machine I would need cash and he said well I have this credit card she’s like well I don’t have a credit card processing machine and he said let me tell you a piece of advice don’t ever make it hard for people to buy from you and he said look well here’s what I’m gonna do I want your book I like you I want you I want this book I’m going to leave you I’m gonna write down my credit card information I’m leaving my credit card and I’m gonna get this book you go figure out a way to process my credit card and he walks away so she’s like scrambling everywhere now trying to figure out how how do i process this car and so she was telling other people this story but I had this guy just came up to me and gave me his credit card information and then it acts like well who the actual

description who is this guy and what does he look like so she described the guy and the people told her at this event well that’s Mark Hoverson he’s a millionaire she’s like what and she said till this day she has never forgotten that what he said so here’s the advice of a millionaire right now don’t ever make it hard for people to buy from you so when you’re on YouTube and you’ve done this great music video you’ve uploaded it don’t ever make it hard for people to learn and where to get access to buy your stuff make it easy put your URL to your website make it clickable so they can click on it in your YouTube video description otherwise you are leaving money at the table like my leader like my mentor did learn from a millionaire second thing that I’m second mistake that I see people make on YouTube especially musicians is they’ll put a youtube video up and then they just leave it there and they think that that’s going to magically now bring all these views that’s not how it works here’s what I tell people it’s a strategy that’s really really easy it’s called peep the game we’re gonna mean by that look at what other people are doing especially what other musicians are doing to get their music out there and get exposure learn from successful people watch what they do so when you see a musician let’s talk about like a really popular musician when you see a musician watch and release a new video for maybe their latest

single what do they do they they go out and they promote it they don’t just do the video and then just okay we’ve did this video and we’re just gonna just leave it you know here they go out and they they promote it how they put it on YouTube VEVO is a really popular channel now and they do it you know through VEVO they syndicated through VEVO we call it syndication I’m talking about that wording a little bit here they go on television shows they go on different networks and they perform the show like if you look at a lot of popular R&B artists or rap artists they not only release their single where they go they go to 106 apart to release the video to promote it or they go perform I want to see the part they go perform on all these different shows there’s artists I mean other genres they go to Good Morning America they go to a Today Show they go out and they promote that stuff they go promote their new single their new video saying that you want to do peep the game see what other successful people are doing and do the same thing when you upload a video to YouTube now you go and promote it your job is not done when you upload it you go and promote that video tweet it that’s what major artists do all the time they say hey they tell their following hey I just released this new video check it out you do the same thing go to Twitter go to Facebook those are your networks you know how I said you

know the the popular artists go to you know Good Morning America Today Show 106 apart Tiare all these different places then you have your own network you know what they’re called LinkedIn they call it Facebook they call it Twitter you have your own network YouTube go out and promote that piece that video go and promote it so that’s the Ellen I said I want to talk about syndication we call that syndication when you release a piece of content online and you go and promote it could be a blog post it could be you know you just got interviewed on a radio internet radio show you go out and you promote it and you we call it’s indicating meaning putting it in different places put that same piece of content that your YouTube video and put it in on different networks in different networks to expose it to different places that you do this and you see this happen all the time with television shows like for example Fresh Prince of Bel Air’s one of my favorite shows from childhood right well the reruns still show they back you

know I don’t know when it I think was in the early 90s right when a freshness of bel-air started they had original episodes that they did but now they syndicated it’s called it’s in syndication meaning now those you know original shows are now being reran reruns are being shown on different networks I know TBS I think shows a lot of the old Fresh Prince of bel-air episodes so now they took what they had already produced and they’re syndicating it on different networks people that already have a following right TBS already has a lot of viewers it has a large audience and so that’s what you want to do take what you’ve already produced your video and now go out and spread it on networks that I already have audience you already know how to do this if you peep the game look at what successful so that’s what people are doing and do the same thing this is going to conclude our music marketing on a budget series hope you enjoy it look if you want to learn internet marketing if you want to master how to use the internet to market your music but if you want to learn how to make money on line promoting and marketing your music go to wwm with Angela comm or click on the description the video description a box below click on the link there in

that video description box and learn how to finally utilize the internet to market and get your music exposed to thousands of people and if you want to actually earn money while you learn internet marketing so that maybe you can you know be able to invest in the music that you want maybe you want a studio you want to be able to earn enough to make a studio so that you can the record in music maybe you want to earn enough money to be able to walk away from your job so you can do your music full-time you could also learn how to do that as well I want earn money with Angela comm get started putting your email address on that page watch the video to learn how to make money online but also make sure that you get plugged in to partner with me when you do you’ll get a welcome email from my assistant welcoming you to the team and giving you some instructions on how to plug into our training site so you can get access to learning all this information about internet marketing simplified away and then also you’ll get instructions on how to do and get a phone strategy session with me where we can look at what your goals are your income goals how much money you want to make doing your music marketing your music and help you set up an action plan of how to actually get to your income goals so again go to earn money with Angela’s calm I’m sure that you’ve gotten so much value out of our music marketing on a budget series stay tuned the next week for some more information and some more tips and advice that can help you get your music out there in a big way bye you

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