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Stop Leading with Your Pitch | James Carbary Joins the Talent Talks Podcast


James Carbary

If you are still cold calling your prospects during COVID-19 and leading the call by pitching your services or products, this podcast is for you! James Carbary is the founder of Sweet Fish Media and the author of Content-Based Networking, and today he joins us on the Talent + Talks Podcast to teach you, and me, how to get access to your ideal clients in a way that allows you to develop rapport very quickly.

Ultimately we want our clients to know, like, and trust us, because THAT is how we define success in marketing. For James, all of this started on a chance of a lifetime trip to New York to watch a football game. By meeting Jeff on this trip, James’ life was changed forever. For three years, James learned entrepreneurship from Jeff and he met his wife because of a move that Jeff allowed him to do. From one single relationship, James has now found a way to increase your opportunities for serendipity by creating strategic relationships for your business.

Hope is NOT a plan! James doesn’t HOPE that he meets people that will lead to business opportunities anymore. Today, he builds relationships with guests on his multiple podcasting shows, and this effort has lead to a wonderful business delivering over 7 figures every year.

Today, you will learn exactly how James did it. Here are a few specific topics your will really want to highlight:

1.   How you can stay sharp (4:42)

2.   How you can really get to know your buyer (8:00)

3.   How you can do better than chance to transform (15:34)

4.   How to create something awesome (22:23)

5.   Start inviting contacts to build mastermind groups (32:05)

6.   How to really find out what your client needs (38:00)

7.   Where to start (41:00)

8.   Discover what really is holding you back (44:00)

As an aside, James’ book gave me the playbook that I consulted to create the Talent + Talks Podcast. While I have not used it to talk to my ideal clients… (YET; that’s next season)… I have spent this season engaging with thought leaders in the areas of Sales, Marketing, and Leadership that have helped my clients during this pandemic.


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James Carbary

Best physiotherapy Cochrane

Best physiotherapy Cochrane


Best physiotherapy Cochrane

Serving the physiotherapy needs of our Cochrane, Calgary and area communities. Sunshine Physiotherapy and Sport Rehabilitation is a highly specialized team of physiotherapy professionals with extensive post graduate education that allows us to best deliver our physiotherapy and rehabilitation assessments/programs in 45-minute appointments. We offer the highest quality physiotherapy, acupuncture, C.Gunn IMS and sports rehabilitation services as well as massage therapy.

B.Sc.PT, B.Sc.P.E., M.C.P.A., Clinic Owner, Physical Therapist, Diploma in Sport Physical Therapy, Kinesiologist, Massage Therapist, Post Graduate Certificates in Orthopedics, Medical Acupuncture, GUNN IMS, Women’s Health, Core Teacher, International Federation of Sport Physical Therapy

Denise knew she wanted to be a physiotherapist since high school. She has been passionate about her career ever since.

She believes that the patient is best served through collaboration with sports medicine doctors, orthopedic surgeons, family doctors and other allied health providers.

She obtained her combined physical therapy/physical education degrees from the University of Saskatchewan in 1996/1997. Denise worked in Saskatoon and then in Calgary at the Lindsay Park/Talisman Centre where she treated recreational athletes, National athletes and Pro athletes. At Sunshine Physio she continues to treat this array of athletes.

Denise has also worked in the school setting with children with disabilities and paediatrics offering early intervention and treatment. She no longer goes into the school setting, however routinely treats babies for tortocollis (head shape deformities) and paediatric neuromuscular issues.

The majority of her early career was in the sports setting. This included working with local, National and International teams. The highlight of those experiences was traveling as the team physio for the Canadian Men’s Rugby Team to Ireland.

Denise has taken her levels and competency exams in Orthopaedics. She has passed the oral and written component of the Manual and Manipulative therapy (Part A) from the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Therapy.

Denise has been involved in pursuing a level of excellence for her dear patients. In 1996, she obtained her Advanced Massage Therapy, in 1997 achieved her Personal Fitness and Lifestyle consultant, and in 2010 received her Diploma in Sports Physical Therapy. The diploma in sport medicine is the highest level awarded. This takes years of studying, course work and hands on work. She obtained perfect marks: presently there are a little over 100 physiotherapists across Canada with this level of distinction. She maintains this distinguished designation with continued required course and field work.

Denise suffered from a persistent, nagging pain for a couple of years in her right ovary. She found tremendous relief from Traditional Chinese Medicine, so in 2000 went to the University of Alberta to receive that designation from the renowned Dr. Steven Aung. In 2007 she took further courses in the use of acupuncture needles and obtained GUNN IMS (Intramuscular Stimulation).

After the birth of two large babies (10 pounds each), Denise took a variety of courses in women’s health to treat pelvic floor weakness, incontinence and pain (2004 – 2014). She has taken numerous courses to help females stay active and prevent pelvic floor issues such as incontinence and prolapses. She has expanded that knowledge to help men as well who have issues with prostate cancer and pelvic floor pain (2014).

In 2010 Denise was in a massive head on collision on the highway where she suffered numerous injuries, including fracturing (breaking) her back, foot, numerous torn ligaments, and suffering a serious concussion. She loves treating chronic pain of the spine. She has successfully returned to an active lifestyle through excellent physio, sports medicine and yoga. She loves working with a multidisciplinary team like she had, to provide an appropriate solution to ongoing musculoskeletal problems, which may involve providing referral for prolotherapy evaluation/treatment, or interventional radiology procedures; as well as providing physiotherapy management before, during and after such procedures. As well, she firmly believes in an active home exercise program or coming to her numerous classes that she offers if more guidance is needed or to ensure doing the exercises in a safe manner.

She has developed a personal interest in treatment of concussions and has taken numerous courses in the evaluation and treatment of concussions over her entire career. As research and treatment has changed dramatically over the course of her career, she continues to take courses to stay on the leading edge of what is new to help her dear patients.

She shares her passion for physio, sports medicine, energy medicine and yoga at the clinic and through the numerous classes she offers. The Core Yoga classes are designed to bridge the gap between physio treatments and to return to an active, pain free lifestyle. She has been teaching classes on and off for over 30 years, changing and enhancing them as she develops as a student and teacher. See her yoga bio and class info for more information.

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