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Public relations is an invaluable marketing tool for companies and organisations who want to raise awareness of their products or services in a range of media, whether in newspapers and magazines, or on radio and TV.


News can help improve search engine rankings, an important factor in driving potential customers to websites and other online marketing resources.


Producing newsworthy stories to interest the press are a vital ingredient of an effective PR campaign which can offer higher levels of credibility than other promotional methods.Well-written PR material underpinned by a strong news angle can unlock the potential for generating free editorial coverage in publications or programmes across a wide target market.


A pro-active strategy developed by DMPR is a cost-effective way of enhancing a business or organisation's reputation and engendering brand loyalty, especially if resources for other marketing activities such as advertising are limited.


DMPR is headed by experienced journalist Debbie McCarthy, whose campaigns have not only won consistently high levels of free media coverage for a diverse range of clients, but also helped them secure an impressive number of prestigious awards.